Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 2, Post 3

Updates today come mainly from Sara Long up at MSU and her weekly e-newsletter. If you'd like to subscribe to her newsletter just email me and I will give you the appropriate information.

First on my list today is an article discussing arguments between animal rights groups related to spending and usage of fundraising. It is harsh on HSUS and their spending, so it is worth including.

Also, for those of you who know me longer term, you will remember my specific interest in BSE. Well, this article discusses new research related to identifying the disease earlier through the glow of cattle's eyes when they are infected. It is quite interesting to me.

Don't expect fish products to get any cheaper in the near future, as devastation from the oil accident in the gulf spreads.

Animal welfare and the origin of animals for consumption has topped the list of consumer concerns in Great Britain.

And finally, a company has started producing billboards with a new taste, well, more literally smell to them. As you drive past this billboard, you will smell grilling steak.

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