Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dairy News Update

I'm drawing these today from my ADSA update.

First is an update on animal welfare issues and video releases as they currently impact the dairy industry. Included is further discussion about the Conklin Farm as well as the Willet Farm in New York that was recorded in January and used at the beginnings of a tail docking ban for the state of New York.

In my opinion, tail docking should be voluntarily banned in the US. It is a popular move which would be widely accepted and appreciated by the public, furthering the interests of dairymen nationwide whilst having no significant impact on milk quality, milk production, or animal/worker health. I have included this search to help you get started on reading research related to this issue. Mind you that unless it comes from a university site, the other searches have been bought by rights groups to promote their activism. Try to restrict your search to those university sites which include peer reviewed articles.

Secondly, I include this article about some preliminary research into the documented effects of organic food. Not to spoil a good read, but basically, there's no evidence to support that it has any positive impact on you except costing you more money and impressing your self-conscious friends. If you aren't interested in those two points, then probably just pass. Also note the comment about the poor quality of the research. Well, that runs both ways, so obviously the jury's still out, but you should definitely take the current proclamations of improved food quality with a grain of salt.

This trend of misinformation about healthy foods appears to carry over into beef as well.

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