Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Standards Board Progress!

I know this may seem silly, but with the Care Standards Board just getting started and all of the pressure on the board from the HSUS and their activist support, I'm really excited every time that I hear about progress from them. They have started talking about acceptable forms of euthanasia and talk about something and what is acceptable is exactly the direction that I want to hear about them going right now. I'm just glad to hear that they're doing or even talking about something other than listening to people telling them what to talk about.


Just when I was wondering what I would post on here, the perfect article came stumbling across my facebook courtesy of Joe. Thank you!

For those of you who don't really read links, HSUS was kicked off the Tuscarawas Fairgrounds for lying to people at a farmer's market in an effort to get signatures for the ballot vote that they are trying to get passed this fall. Thank you to the Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Department for escorting them off of the fairgrounds. Again their disrespect for Ohio laws is exhibited. HSUS, please leave us alone as we allow the Livestock Care Board to do their job.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Standards Board Website!

I've been out and crazy busy, so I'll begin trying to catch up on things here. Of importance right now, the livestock care standards board for Ohio launched their website 11 days ago. I'm pretty excited about this website and hope that it is widely read and updated often.

On other news, I hear rumors of HSUS failing in their signature collection attempts. I won't believe it until I hear that they've failed for sure, but I like the idea of Ohioans standing up for their in-state legislature and supporting local livestock agriculture in its attempt to improve animal well-being without the forced and negligent HSUS ballot legislation.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Week 3, Post 3

Flavored milk - unhealthy? So says Florida schools who are removing strawberry from the school menu already this year along with soda pop in an effort to fight obesity among children. I'll agree that's a problem we should be concerned with, but is removing milk the answer?

Also, Hogweed and Poison Hemlock are spreading through C. Ohio. I have inserted a picture of the burn that Hogweed causes as well as the appearance the Poison Hemlock plant. Please read both of these articles and learn to distinguish the difference. Eliminate both plants as quickly as possible.

Animal Welfare Update Site

Check out "Gateway to Animal Welfare" for even more info related to the animal welfare debate and legislative discussion. I first saw the site today and have bookmarked it at the top of my Mozilla bar.

For those of you who don't use Mozilla, I highly suggest it as a source of secure and fast webbrowsing that has been faithfully supporting me for the last 4 years.

New Blog

I have added a new blog to my suggested reading on the side-bar. For those of you who are less into the agriculture/farming side of things, and yet still read my blog, this is a good blog to find discussion of simple agricultural terms and ideas which you may not have heard of or understand. Drew is a guy I knew from both my time at Farm Bureau and through 4-H. I'm confident his blog will continue to be worth a good read now and then.

Dairy News Update

I'm drawing these today from my ADSA update.

First is an update on animal welfare issues and video releases as they currently impact the dairy industry. Included is further discussion about the Conklin Farm as well as the Willet Farm in New York that was recorded in January and used at the beginnings of a tail docking ban for the state of New York.

In my opinion, tail docking should be voluntarily banned in the US. It is a popular move which would be widely accepted and appreciated by the public, furthering the interests of dairymen nationwide whilst having no significant impact on milk quality, milk production, or animal/worker health. I have included this search to help you get started on reading research related to this issue. Mind you that unless it comes from a university site, the other searches have been bought by rights groups to promote their activism. Try to restrict your search to those university sites which include peer reviewed articles.

Secondly, I include this article about some preliminary research into the documented effects of organic food. Not to spoil a good read, but basically, there's no evidence to support that it has any positive impact on you except costing you more money and impressing your self-conscious friends. If you aren't interested in those two points, then probably just pass. Also note the comment about the poor quality of the research. Well, that runs both ways, so obviously the jury's still out, but you should definitely take the current proclamations of improved food quality with a grain of salt.

This trend of misinformation about healthy foods appears to carry over into beef as well.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Blog recommendations

Today I would like to recommend this blog. I am not endorsing everything that is written, but merely appreciating the point of view and concern/interest for the agriculture industry. Your own decisions are up to you to make.

In the future, hopefully I will find out how to list the blogs on the side... until then, just follow the posted links.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 2, Post 6

No offense to the Amish, but it's about time that they got closer regulated for their run-off.

Also, the corn surplus has been cut by the ethanol. I'm not sure yet based on what I know of ethanol whether this is good in the end or not, but at least it keeps the price of corn up.

Milk exempt from oil rule

Thank goodness this got exempted. Protecting around milk storage would've been absolutely ridiculous!

Week 2, Post 4

My first day on the kill floor was today. I have to say that up until last night I wasn't too nervous about it, but more anxious that I would be effective and safe. I was pretty nervous this morning, however, once people started showing up and I realized how little slaughter experience I have had before now.

I credit some of the co-workers and my advisors for making the learning process so much more accelerated. Quickly I was able to fit into the stunning and bleeding stage, and I was able to add my sheep experience to the mix to help sort the sheep smoothly. Frankly, I thought it went pretty well for my first day and I have to say that after doing stunning myself, there is little excuse for some of the videos I've seen online of people failing to do this correctly. I was properly trained, and capable of doing it within 20-30 minutes of being on the kill floor. Knock on wood, I made no stunning mistakes this morning and will plan on continuing in that trend.

All-in-all, this is not something I would want to do as a profession, but it definitely something I think I can be good at. I just need a lot of practice.

Week 2, Post 3

Updates today come mainly from Sara Long up at MSU and her weekly e-newsletter. If you'd like to subscribe to her newsletter just email me and I will give you the appropriate information.

First on my list today is an article discussing arguments between animal rights groups related to spending and usage of fundraising. It is harsh on HSUS and their spending, so it is worth including.

Also, for those of you who know me longer term, you will remember my specific interest in BSE. Well, this article discusses new research related to identifying the disease earlier through the glow of cattle's eyes when they are infected. It is quite interesting to me.

Don't expect fish products to get any cheaper in the near future, as devastation from the oil accident in the gulf spreads.

Animal welfare and the origin of animals for consumption has topped the list of consumer concerns in Great Britain.

And finally, a company has started producing billboards with a new taste, well, more literally smell to them. As you drive past this billboard, you will smell grilling steak.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Non-Ohioans for Ohio Change?

Does that really sound like a good idea to you? Why on earth would we in Ohio stand for some outside group coming in and saying that they want us to change our legislation. Why would it be ok for some group of people who don't live in Ohio to come in and tell us we need to vote on something we already voted on last year. Why is it that a group thinks they can just tell us we aren't doing things their way so we'd better start, or else?

I don't know why that's acceptable, but a certain Federal court judge seemed to think that sounded like a great idea. Check out this article to learn more about how our constitution is being manipulated, then dictated by an outside group with no true interest in Ohio or our animals.

Week 2, Post 1

Objects of interest for the beginning of the week:

1) A positive blog about agriculture from an urban personage. I liked it. Thanks to Marcus for that.

2) An interesting article in the Dispatch this past week.

3) A well-spoken article from a person who knew the kid abusing the cows at Conklin's farm. Definitely this is worth the read.

4) Finally the long-awaited and much-quoted report from Humane Watch, an organization which I believe is expected to speak at the 2010 National Block and Bridle Convention. I'm not really sure yet what I think about Humane Watch, but I am in support of their stance against HSUS and their activity on that front.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Week 1, Post 5

As this week draws to a close, I have a few other notes worth mentioning.

Thunderstorms came through again today, and the garden remains wet. It's been a rough week for getting stuff in, but Mom found some volunteer tomatoes in the peas and beans so I transferred them over yesterday before they were choked out. Otherwise, I'm trying to stay out of the garden as much as possible. I feel bad for the farmers that I've been talking to and driving past. They have so much invested and the weather has been pretty rough this spring.

Also. Katherine mentioned finding a sheep of ours chained up about a month or two ago, even though we've never chained an animal before. Apparently we have some neighborhood non-neighborly intruders and we're going to have to do a better job of watching the place. For anyone else trying to raise livestock of any species or quantity this year, please keep an eye on them and protect them from the crazies roaming about.

Apparently silage causes high amounts of GHGs which we should be worrying about. Although it pales in comparison to the BP fiasco, at least this is something that we can research and fix here on the homefront. I heard Obama today say some harsh things about BP, but you would've figured he'd have said those a while back? This is definitely something that has my dander up.

It doesn't look like a weather break anytime soon. Out on the hog farms the last two days, the breeze has been quite a nice break. The muggy afternoons have been pretty irritating though.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Week 1, Post 4

Absolutely no response to the No Chipotle page nor the OFBF comment I had made previously on my other blog. I guess the conversations have toned down for a little while.

I was really shocked to read through many of the comments on the OFBF facebook page though. You can many uneducated and yet fiery arguments going on which have truly no place among the debate. So many people have expressed opinions that just reflect their ignorance on the situation and then they go on to polarize any other people who care to debate with them. I wish there was a way to stop this, but it seems to be a trend for online debating with blog, news and social sites.

In other news, this was a moderately objective article that I appreciated reading today.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Week 1, Post 3 - Boycott Chipotle

I guess I can't keep my nose out of this stuff today. Keith Corcoran posted on the NoChipotle facebook page today, his comment and my response are listed below:

Keith Danger Corcoran:
HSUS stand against clubing of baby seals and sluaghter of horses andslaughter and exporting exotic animals, animail cruelity such as dog fights and cock fights And they are against puppy mills Iam glad Chipolte is apart of that group.

HSUS's anti-horse slaughter stance has led to the legislation that now increases the suffering of horses. Keith, take a look at the legislation HSUS is pushing and then consider whether it will actually benefit the well-being of animals. The horse bill didn't benefit horses as a whole or on an individual basis. And without scientific evidence to... See More support the proposed ballot initiative, there is no reason to believe that HSUS will truly benefit animals in Ohio either. The Livestock Care Board on the other hand is dedicated to improving animal well-being in Ohio. If HSUS cared about animals, then they would allow the board to make progress on their own and not poke into our business telling us how to do things. HSUS continues to exhibit behavior fitting of a political activist group, not an animal well-being promoter. And with 'baby seals', 'puppies' and 'dog fights', they are just playing the popular and sympathy cards. Logic and science should be used to improve animal care, not outside activism from a group who sits in DC offices and agitates the discontent.

Week 1, Post 2

Thinking of drinking raw milk? I love it, but this article would suggest that you reconsider

Conklin Farms Protest would have been out of hand enough. But then I heard yesterday about people showing up to tear down the building and bring and weapons necessary to enforce this? Abc news provided the lamest article about this, but the article that was good enough for me.

On another note, this guy's link this week to fish feeling pain, well, that's old news or so I thought. We've talked about that for a long time. I thought testing rats was tedious, but imagine testing fish? And how did this guy go fishing at some duke's place. Crazy. Also up for question, is it more ethical to kill the fish after catching it, or would it be better to let it go. I would think letting it go would by far be the better choice.

Anyhow, I've been in a bit of a discussion on the OFBF facebook site regarding the HSUS petition which is circulating Ohio. If you want to see that, then click over to my other blog site.

Week 1, Post 1

So today begins the offshoot of my original blog:
Today in my world

Today in my world: Agriculture became necessary as I try to differentiate both my reader base and my subject priorities. At first I didn't think that I would have enough time for 2 blogs. After all, I already have 2 blogs and I essentially discontinued one already and would remove it offline except for the fact that it is dead anyways. This new blog will supersede said blog as well as integrate those agriculturally related posts from my other blog which I linked above.

I plan to track posts by number within a week, starting with Sundays, and then the week will continue to count upwards. Please stay posted for blogs related to Agriculture which appear on this site. Some of the material may be repetitive between my two blogs, but that is necessary as well, since one applies to my personal life and my personal life is so intertwined with agriculture.