Friday, June 4, 2010

Week 1, Post 5

As this week draws to a close, I have a few other notes worth mentioning.

Thunderstorms came through again today, and the garden remains wet. It's been a rough week for getting stuff in, but Mom found some volunteer tomatoes in the peas and beans so I transferred them over yesterday before they were choked out. Otherwise, I'm trying to stay out of the garden as much as possible. I feel bad for the farmers that I've been talking to and driving past. They have so much invested and the weather has been pretty rough this spring.

Also. Katherine mentioned finding a sheep of ours chained up about a month or two ago, even though we've never chained an animal before. Apparently we have some neighborhood non-neighborly intruders and we're going to have to do a better job of watching the place. For anyone else trying to raise livestock of any species or quantity this year, please keep an eye on them and protect them from the crazies roaming about.

Apparently silage causes high amounts of GHGs which we should be worrying about. Although it pales in comparison to the BP fiasco, at least this is something that we can research and fix here on the homefront. I heard Obama today say some harsh things about BP, but you would've figured he'd have said those a while back? This is definitely something that has my dander up.

It doesn't look like a weather break anytime soon. Out on the hog farms the last two days, the breeze has been quite a nice break. The muggy afternoons have been pretty irritating though.

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