Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Week 1, Post 3 - Boycott Chipotle

I guess I can't keep my nose out of this stuff today. Keith Corcoran posted on the NoChipotle facebook page today, his comment and my response are listed below:

Keith Danger Corcoran:
HSUS stand against clubing of baby seals and sluaghter of horses andslaughter and exporting exotic animals, animail cruelity such as dog fights and cock fights And they are against puppy mills Iam glad Chipolte is apart of that group.

HSUS's anti-horse slaughter stance has led to the legislation that now increases the suffering of horses. Keith, take a look at the legislation HSUS is pushing and then consider whether it will actually benefit the well-being of animals. The horse bill didn't benefit horses as a whole or on an individual basis. And without scientific evidence to... See More support the proposed ballot initiative, there is no reason to believe that HSUS will truly benefit animals in Ohio either. The Livestock Care Board on the other hand is dedicated to improving animal well-being in Ohio. If HSUS cared about animals, then they would allow the board to make progress on their own and not poke into our business telling us how to do things. HSUS continues to exhibit behavior fitting of a political activist group, not an animal well-being promoter. And with 'baby seals', 'puppies' and 'dog fights', they are just playing the popular and sympathy cards. Logic and science should be used to improve animal care, not outside activism from a group who sits in DC offices and agitates the discontent.

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