Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Big news for all you Michigananians up North. Your very own Stabenow has become chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee. Now, before you groan like I know most of you are, don't forget that Stabenow does realize she hails from a big agricultural state and that this might be her chance to save her reelection the next time around. She also wanted me informed on my visit with her office in DC last year that she realized how important agriculture was to America. Honestly, I had much better interaction with Blanche Lincoln from Arkansas on that same visit, but the people have spoken and she will not remain in office. Undoubtedly Stabenow will have huge influence on the upcoming farmbill and other projects. We can only hope it will be positive, unlike the actions of her fellow politician Granholm, and will support the beneficial future of farmers nationwide.

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