Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pepsi Refresh

As if the HSUS really needed any more money, they've now signed up for a community renewal grant through PepsiCo and are receiving the most votes for receiving $250,000 which they don't really need. They are potentially going to absorb this money into their much larger budget when it could legitimately make a bigger difference in the hands of someone truly interested in bettering their community. Just like the Animal Agriculture Alliance, I encourage you to register to vote (doesn't take long) and vote often for more deserving causes on Pepsi's website.

If you go to $250,000 range and look at the leaders, HSUS is leading over 2 much more legitimate and needing organizations trying to improve treatment and cures for serious childhood diseases. Don't be fooled by the lies HSUS is propagating. Vote, to show that you are not fooled.

It is important to note that PepsiCo is not supporting HSUS. They are trying to spread goodwill and money to people that can use it. HSUS is just trying to cheat the system and get some more free money.

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