Friday, November 19, 2010

Domino's Cheese

Other colleagues of mine will no doubt address the factual failures of the ignorant article such as what Nicole had to say about it. However, I wanted to make a couple of informal points of my own with this New York Times cheesephobia article.

First off, I love cheese. I love to eat cheese and I don't personally have a limit to how much cheese I eat; I just can't say no. Confident that I'm not the only one in this situation, I still do not blame the government for my inability to say no to one more slice of cheese-loaded pizza. Either you buy the pizza or you don't. Either you eat more than you should, or you don't. But it's not the fault of anyone else how much you eat or how healthy or unhealthy what you eat is. That's the joy of paying for your medical bills. It all comes back to work out one way or another and if I want to eat a lot of cheese, thanks for the warning, but I knew and still plan to do it.

Second, cheese is good for you. There are nutrients in cheese that you need (including the ever deficient Calcium which frankly, however you get your kids to eat it is great), and the fats in cheese are better for you than the other fats you're subjecting yourself to in junk foods. I ate loads of cheese every day when I lived in the Netherlands, but that doesn't mean that I gained weight because of the cheese. If I had only been eating good foods like vegetables, breads, meats and cheeses, I would've been much healthier.

Thirdly, did you ever have the old Domino's Pizza? It was awful. This new stuff is good, and I like it. You should try it. They have raised the bar, and for that, they should be proud, as well as the DMI for whatever their part to play in it was.

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