Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pollan's pros and cons...

... in someone else's words. It's really nice to read someone's writing and know that before reading it you've articulated your own thoughts sim and to know that you agree with the bulk of what they're saying. Especially when it's on a controversial subject like the writings and opinions of Michael Pollan. I know that back when I met him and listened to him talk, I discussed how I didn't actually disagree with about half of what he said, and people got riled up about that with me.

But I think Dr. Speer did a good job of really breaking down what Pollan says and highlighting some of the correct thoughts and some of the incorrect ones and I encourage you to read it. While it's important to take what people say with a grain of salt, it's also important to recognize when what someone else says might be right. Something that we had a discussion about in the grad office today, related to tail docking of dairy cattle and whether or not people accept research after it doesn't prove what they wanted to hear.

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