Thursday, April 21, 2011

Alaska's Rocking Congressman

A much longer set of posts are coming in the very near future, related to Katy Perry's uninformed donations to HSUS, the most recent Mercy for Animals video release, Trent Loos's visit to OSU, my reiterated thoughts on hormones and other such things, but for now I just want to put out props for two people/groups for their stance on animal care without bending to the ridiculous emotional propaganda of the HSUS.

First is the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association. Caught between the calls for outrageous, unproven and even legally undefined cage legislation, and the impending need for producers to also step up and continue meeting their ethical obligations for egg production and chicken care, the WSVMA took a stance against caging legislation that was obviously not going to be beneficial to the chickens in question. They also made some good comments about the caging debate, so read away.

Second, and more outstanding in my own personal opinion is the rejection of HSUS by an Alaska Congressman. Representative Young rejected an award HSUS planned to give him, stating that he didn't want to look like he supported their radical movement. He also commented on the parasitism which provides HSUS with funding and deprives the local shelters and mentioned the difference between species preservation and nature conservation. Preservation of species isn't even endorsed by Tom Regan himself, and the Representative Young seems much more concerned with conserving the wild Alaska for generations to come. But cheers to him for not playing HSUS's game.

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