Thursday, July 1, 2010

The taste of victory...

... is bitter in my mouth. I started today on the kill floor at school, frustrated, and like a lot of people who are starting to post onto the OFBF press release, I feel sold out. HSUS is allowed to walk away with a compromise, and as one person said on the Humane Watch release comments: HSUS has their foot in the door now. And that's about all there is to this. That and the fact that we really did sell out on the pet owners. Trent Loos particular captured my attention via facebook with an especially depressing article on Feedstuffs.

I went looking for more positive and encouraging opinions and found them at the Humane Watch site. After reading the actual draft which is circulating now and which I found on Humane Watch's website, I feel better about the issue. Sure, it looks like we sold out pet owners, but these pet and exotic animal bills are already in the legislature now. Frankly, I have trouble getting worked up over the reduction in small animal production since there are so many animals abused and/or abandoned now.

Veal crates by 2017, well, American Veal Association is already planning on this anyhow. And does this deal leave the door open for HSUS to come back? Yes, but then the deal is negated as well. All of this is reversible and strongly resembles a truce. I can deal with this, but it's going to be a massive PR miracle to not leave the public feeling betrayed by the OFBF after last years Issue 2 campaign and the results from a OFBF compromise. The fight is not over yet.

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