Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Return from camp

Nothing refreshes the mind quite like a full week of 5 hours nights and 200 kids running (well more literally walking) rampage on the camp in a hurry to do all things that they can't do at home. That aside, I truly love 4-H camp and look forward to the opportunity to return as a dean once again next year. In the meantime, I will give you more food for thought today as I sort through my inbox for articles and ideas to post.

Progressive Dairymen is a new group I joined online. Under the name "Proud to Dairy", it's a group which serves as a great site to find dairy blogs and to network with other people throughout the U.S. who are proud to dairy. Somewhere on the website is an article in which our MSU team was interviewed about our National Dairy Challenge experience in California. However, for now, I include this great interview article with Gary Conklin about the farm video incident earlier this year.

The European Union has voted to ban the sale of cloned animals for food in Europe. Interestingly, we still don't see the true value or cost of using cloned animals to produce food.

My alma mater had a 4 legged, 6 footed piglet born this week. Hopefully I will get some pictures to let you see this strange critter.

About 100 dogs were rescued in Delaware County, OH, and are in desperate need of adoption. It always troubles me to think about so many dogs in need of good homes and the poor alternatives that await them. However, we are still not ready to be getting a dog, and so we'll have to wait for now.

This interview at the JAM definitely happened just in front of me as I was talking to some of my friends. Dr. Croney was greatly supportive of my presentation in Denver and for that I am grateful. Please listen to the interview with an open mind and try to see the points which she tries to make in her interview with Trent Loos.

Col. Sanders was inducted in the Meat Industry Hall of Fame this year. Posthumous recognition always seems pointless to me, but still, it's a nice gesture towards a great man who created a store which now sells notoriously unhealthy food.

Also, the video about the truth of pork production is available on Please share with those around you who may have a skewed view of pork farming.

Finally, another weigh-in on the HSUS/OFBF agreement, this time from the pork producers.

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