Friday, July 16, 2010

Mid-July Heat and Conklin Update

Boy this heat sure has been bad this week. After driving to Denver and back, I can safely say that there are a) a lot of flat lands between here and there, b) I don't plan to drive there again soon, c) there is thankfully still farmland in the blessed country, d) I have seen all of the heat you're all suffering. Good luck keeping the crops growing and healthy.

My trip to Denver was pretty awesome. It was great to visit with and meet so many people in the past week and I greatly enjoyed giving my talk on tail docking in dairy cattle. I also had the opportunity to listen to many research projects and read various posters, including welfare and nutrition topics.

On that note I will turn back to the grind mill with ARS reports related to ongoing research.

First, check out the article outlining different egg production practices and the fact that they found no significant difference in egg quality between the different practices.

Also, some cool engineering research on how to make levees last longer.

I don't know about you, but I get nervous every time we talk about bringing in a pest to change an ecosystem.

And I will close with an update via Humane Watch about the Conklin Farm legal case and prosecution of that scummy Billy Jo Gregg, Jr.

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