Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Antibiotics again

As we continue the eternal discussion and debate of antibiotic use in animals and humans, not the quote from this article as Brazil struggles against an antibiotic-resistant bacteria that sadly is killing people in hospitals there. There is a similar outbreak in the US, and I have included many article links for you to read. However, nowhere in the article do they blame the outbreak on the use of antibiotics in animal feed. Not because this is a pro-animal news source, no, this is because it is a minor ingredient in the pot of issues that is brewing up trouble for the medical world. If the small use of antibiotics in feedstuffs for animals was the problem, then the antibiotic-resistant bugs would not be reported originating in patients traveling from the Middle-east and Asia. These are not countries known for heavy use of antibiotics in livestock. No, this is a far-reaching case of antibiotic abuse in people in countries with weak regulations on antibiotic access. Brazil was even selling them without prescriptions and here in the US they're free.

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