Friday, September 24, 2010

Newsletter Updates

As I scan through my e-newsletters I am really starting to question why I get the USEF one. I haven't really found anything of interest in any of them and all they do is list different horses and people who I never know and the amount of money they won at a place I've never heard of. Anyhow, that's my update for the USEF. Just in case you're interested in watching the World Equestrian Games, visit this link and it should help you figure things out. I'll admit that it might be worth watching.

I frankly didn't even read this article. I couldn't get past the title which just reminded me of my sailing instructor and his explanation of boat physics.

Good news that as we predict higher levels of CO2, ARS also expects better responses from crops. And bad pickles are key in a possible method of cleaning up after the textile industry.

Courtesy of the Gateway to Animal Welfare, check out this report and especially the number of cattle bruised upon harvest. 33%!? Amazing to me.

I also wonder how much this HSUS offshoot paid for such a celebrity supportive statement. Ridiculous. I mean, seriously guys, the Dalai Lama? And if you're going to cut castrated pigs from your market supply, won't their fate now be similar to that of male chicks? Great job guys, big fail.

That's all for today, I'm gonna beat the traffic home.

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