Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Farm Sanctuary Walks

For those of you interested in Farm Sanctuary and their effort to manipulate concerned citizens' emotions, you might also be interested in the location of their fundraising walks for this year. Now mind you, they're not the extreme aspect of the animal rights activist groups, but still they have some very harsh views towards animal agriculture and capitalize on people's emotions as they work towards their own goals of animal rights. I included the link to their walks just like I include the link to Gene Baur's blog because I encourage you to do the following: 1) read the information for yourself and make up your own mind about issues that are important to you - don't let other people tell you what to think or how to judge a situation, 2) tell other people what you think to get them interested in things that concern you and to spread information to other people to increase their awareness of what goes on in their world.

I'm also going to promote a new blog to read on the side of my blogsite. Please check out the Agriculture Proud blog for a look into a very active blog which is deeply concerned about agriculture. This will be replacing the Ag Ed blog which I have been recommending since it has become stagnant.

Also, Farm Bureau has posted a summary of yesterdays meeting including HSUS with the Livestock Care Standards Board. I recommend the read.

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